Top Martial Arts And Fitness Jahsid Johnson

Great gym with awesome instructors!! My whole family trains there.. I couldn't imagine training anywhere else. It's like a big family I truly appreciate the time I spend there.

Jahsid Johnson

Top Martial Arts And Fitness Tori Pons

Top Martial Arts is a family within itself. Being part of the gym for over seven years it challenges you to grow both as an individual and as a team member. You will be hard pressed to find the level of talent and quality people any where else.

Tori Pons

Top Martial Arts And Fitness Piper

My 7 year old daughter began training BJJ at Top Martial Arts in June 2017 and began competing one month later. Hard to express how pleased we are with the level of instruction and the ratio of instructors to students. The dedication to the sport is profound. They start the class with some intense exercise and follow that with instruction of techniques. Then they grapple live with classmates, using what they have learned to reinforce it. We pass other gyms to reach Top. Experience this place for yourself and i think you will see why many people travel so far to get there. Feels like family.


Top Martial Arts And Fitness Jeremy McDonald

Amazing place to train. Very welcoming. Killer competition team but the people inside truly make the spot the best in Charlotte.

Jeremy McDonald

Top Martial Arts And Fitness Jennifer Penny

I love training at Top. Great atmosphere for learning. BJJ is a full body workout. The staff is knowledgeable and professional, the instruction is tailored to fit the individual. There is a place here for everyone from the beginner to the competitors. The senior belts are always setting a great example working for their goals and pushing to get better every training. They inspire me to work hard and never give up!

Jennifer Penny

Top Martial Arts And Fitness Joshua Crosby

Stopped through here for a little over a month while I was in Charlotte for work. Really enjoyed myself and got some great training in with the team. I highly recommend checking out Top whether you're an expert or a beginner

Joshua Crosby

Top Martial Arts And Fitness Lee Fetter

Great instruction and encouragement. Works flexibility, strength, and endurance/stamina! Excellent workout for your body and mind. Welcoming and friendly people there as well. Definitely for any level, beginning on up. Adaptive to your size and abilities. Big space to practice. Very clean. Highly recommend! Look forward to training here for years to come.

Lee Fetter

Top Martial Arts And Fitness John Piper

Great place to learn Jiu Jitsu with top level coaching. You can't go wrong training with these guys.

John Piper

Top Martial Arts And Fitness Zachery Blackburn

If you are looking to get in shape, learn from world class competitors, and meet tons of great people, then this is your place. Top has 2 legit black belts of distinct lineage as their main instructors. Professor Jae and Professor Mitch keep on the cutting edge of Jiu-Jitsu. They will inspire you to reach way beyond what you ever thought your potential was. I have been training BJJ for almost 10 years in the Charlotte area. I know what the other schools have to offer and I would not want to train anywhere else.

Zachery Blackburn

Top Martial Arts And Fitness Matthew Ligozio

Excellent instruction - family atmosphere! Come here - you will train hard, compete if you're up for the challenge and make some good friends along the way.

Matthew Ligozio

Top Martial Arts And Fitness Leslie Peterson

The best place to train with numerous of coach's well experienced

Leslie Peterson

Top Martial Arts And Fitness Amanda M.

Top Martial Arts and Fitness provides a welcoming environment for students of all ages, skill levels, and genders. I started as a beginner with no knowledge of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and have now been training consistently for six months. I'm so thankful I found a school with such friendly and knowledgeable teammates whom are always more than happy to help me progress in my personal goals. What I love most about BJJ and TMAF is the feeling that I have joined a family. It feels amazing to learn from incredible instructors, world champions, and other women.

Amanda M.

Top Martial Arts And Fitness Mill Monti-Arce

My boys love this place. The instructors are amazing. They actually take time to coach.

Mill Monti-Arce

Top Martial Arts And Fitness Gustavo Salazar

Great place to learn BJJ, Muy Thai, or just simply get back into shape! Great learning environment and excellent coaching making martial arts less intimidating for those, like myself, have no prior experience.

Gustavo Salazar

Top Martial Arts And Fitness Cj Murdock

Some of the hardest working, consistent people in the area train here.

Cj Murdock

Top Martial Arts And Fitness Johnny Zeno

Great instruction! I've been to at least 2 other bjj schools. None were able to compare to tmaf. Instructors are very detailed and informative. They thoroughly understand the sport and are willing to teach anyone that's willing to learn. Come by and give it a try, you will not regret it!

Johnny Zeno

Top Martial Arts And Fitness Rudy Urbina

Awesome place to train!!! These guys will make you feel at home, big family

Rudy Urbina

Top Martial Arts And Fitness Tony Brock

I had been searching for a new place in the Charlotte area to train BJJ, and came across this school through a mutual friend, and I'm glad I did. The level of training at this place is pretty amazing, and Jae couldn't be a friendlier guy. It's nice to know that the guy who runs the school continues to test himself in the toughest tournaments in the world. I'd recommend this school to anyone who is looking to hone their Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu with razor-sharp focus. These guys kick my butt every day I show up, and I appreciate every second.

Tony Brock

Top Martial Arts And Fitness Jah Johnson

Great gym with awesome instructors !! My whole family trains there.. I couldn’t imagine training anywhere else. It’s like a big family I truly appreciate the time I spend there.

Jah Johnson

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